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Keeping Your Eye on (The Right) Ball!

Excerpted from a  From the Business Leaders podcast – a series exclusively for Remodelers Advantage Members. If you’re like me, you’re busy! You don’t have time to watch every single area of your business to make sure that things are on track for a profitable year. So, take a page from our top members, remodeling […]

PROOF OF CONCEPT – the success of strategy is seen in the numbers!

Over 27 years of working with remodelers around the country I’ve encountered nearly every problem to confront a remodeling company: the dissolution of long-term partnerships, ineffective marketing, sales systems which don’t produce results, unmotivated production crews, theft from overhead coffers, bankruptcy, and terrible accidents on the job.

Boost Your Brain: 5 Tips for Brainy Success at Work

One organ in your body dictates much of your behavior and ultimate success at work. The activities of this organ occur at a level of which you are not even consciously aware. It’s your brain! While phrases like, “Use your brain!” or “Think outside the box!” are casually tossed around in the workplace every day, […]

What Sales Managers Measure

At a recent meeting of one of our Roundtables™ peer groups — this one with owners of companies producing over $5,000,000 annually — I participated in a rousing discussion of the techniques and procedures used in managing sales successfully. As you can imagine, once a company reaches a high volume, using a proven, effective sales […]