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Network Your Way to More Jobs

Times for most remodelers are hard. There are fewer buyers and less urgent buyers. Job sizes are smaller. But you can’t even begin to sell until you have a lead. And leads are fewer and less qualified. Many of the marketing techniques that traditionally have worked are not working now.  So what is? Interestingly, it’s […]

Keep the Pedal to the Metal

Continuing mixed reviews in the marketplace give even more importance to keeping your sales pipeline filled with prospective clients at all stages. Keep a constant eye on the new opportunities coming your way and do your best to maintain a constant or rising level of new prospects, projects in design, and projects in construction. I’m […]

Does Soft Marketing Really Work?

When money is tight, it can be hard to invest in what some business owners might consider soft marketing like relationship building parties and events. But for longtime Roundtables™ member, Steve Rehder, it was worth every penny. Here’s his story. When Rehder Construction, Inc., turned 30 this year, company president and CEO Steve Rehder and […]

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