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Low Cost, Hard Hitting Marketing Strategies: The First Step is Planning

All too often, business owners want to start their marketing programs quickly, skipping over the planning phase. They send messages out into the world before they’ve developed the goals for their programs. But just as pre-planning a remodeling project insures its successful completion, developing your business and marketing goals is critical for creating the right […]

How to Build a Company to Run Without You!

At a recent Roundtables™ meeting, several remodeling company owners were drilling deep into the workings of a production department of a fellow member. Their goal was to develop an improvement action plan for this company that would allow them to grow revenue, grow profits, and reduce the chaos and stress in the office. These business […]

How Much Is Your Remodeling Business Worth?

Want to Sell Your Remodeling Business Someday? Read This First. “Sometimes the hardest part of running a business is selling it.” WALL STREET JOURNAL Remodelers frequently begin to think about the value of their remodeling company when they consider retirement and want the money a sale would generate to help fund their retirement lifestyle. In […]

The “When to Grow?” Challenge

I’ve been talking to dozens of our members over the last couple of weeks and 95% of these remodeling company owners tell me that business is up, backlog is building, and they are very optimistic about 2012. This is great news as it means personal income will rise again, profits will be generated, and new […]

Finding the Pony in the Manure Pile

Everywhere you look, people are looking at life and business in an entirely new way. We all realize that we have to invest in learning new things to give us the best chance of thriving in this environment. To continue to grow, to realize profits, and to see referrals increase once again, every remodeler should […]

What’s Your #1 Tool for Maximizing Profits?

Over the years of working with remodeling contractors, some simple patterns have become apparent.  One remodeler’s strong interest in people leads to success in sales.  Another’s love for design produces award-winning projects.  Both companies can enjoy a certain level of success and stability over time. But to develop a larger company complete with beautiful office […]

Reduce Stress and Prepare for Tomorrow

One of our most popular business coaches is Paul Winans.  Many of you know Paul from his days as President of NARI or from his many blog posts and articles in the industry press.  Today, many of our members call on Paul to share practical steps they can take to improve their company performance. Many […]

Author Bo Burlingham Says, We Can All Have “The Knack”

Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, and our keynote presenter at the Summit, is the perfect fit for our audience of motivated business owners. For years, he’s been working with small business owners of all kinds to help them become successful. Recently, he teamed up with […]