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Characteristics of Successful Companies

Even though we have several weeks still in October, it’s time to begin planning for 2012. We believe strongly that the companies who plan are the companies who are most successful. Just like planning and preparation are the keys to bringing a job in on time and on budget, so are they the keys to […]

Finding the Pony in the Manure Pile

Everywhere you look, people are looking at life and business in an entirely new way. We all realize that we have to invest in learning new things to give us the best chance of thriving in this environment. To continue to grow, to realize profits, and to see referrals increase once again, every remodeler should […]

What’s Your #1 Tool for Maximizing Profits?

Over the years of working with remodeling contractors, some simple patterns have become apparent.  One remodeler’s strong interest in people leads to success in sales.  Another’s love for design produces award-winning projects.  Both companies can enjoy a certain level of success and stability over time. But to develop a larger company complete with beautiful office […]

Words of Wisdom from an Industry Guru

I’ve worked with one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Linda Case, for over 20 years and it’s been an unbelievable pleasure.   You’ve been reading her column in Remodeling magazine for even longer and if the notes that we receive from readers are true, Linda’s changed many lives with her words of wisdom. […]