SalesEdge – Sales Training Course


The Sales Training Program that focuses on REMODELING sales.

Program Details and Qualification

SalesEdge focuses on remodeling sales (not just “general sales training”) and consists of weekly 55-minute group sessions dedicated to improving your sales effectiveness.

It’s important that each person is supportive of each other in the sessions and that each member is actively utilizing the new skills, applying them in their daily sales activities.

You must pass an assessment prior to your first session. This will help us to determine if the program is a good fit for you. Unfortunately, not all salespeople will benefit from this training program!

The assessment includes a one-on-one with Jeff Borovitz to get to know one another and to discuss training objectives and sales challenges. For those who do qualify, topics will be tailored to the collective strengths and weaknesses of the small number of participants.

Some reasons you may not qualify:

This is a Members Only Program