Roundtables for Business Owners


The support and guidance we share with each other has dramatically changed our companies — and our lives — for the better.

Why? Because isolation is the enemy of success.

We know that none of us can ever be as smart as all of us. That is why we share. That is why we succeed.

Roundtables is a world-class peer advisory service that brings together smart, motivated remodeling professionals, just like you, to help one another grow.

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It is a Process

One of the first questions we get about Roundtables is “Will I make more money?”

The answer is: it depends on you. This isn’t a program for those that aren’t committed to the process of improvement.

But for those that are committed, the data speaks for itself. You can see there is a significant difference in Annual Compensation* for someone joining today vs. someone who has been a member for 9+ years. 

*does not include company net profit.

> 6 months


2 - 3 years


3 - 5 years


5 - 8 years


9 + years


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How the Roundtables™ program works

Your Roundtables group is a team of 10 – 20 business owners from non-competing markets across the US and Canada. Each Company must have an annual Revenue of $1 Million to be permitted to join Roundtables and we have companies in the $20 – $30 million range who have been members for 10-12 years.

You will meet with your Roundtables Group for three days, twice a year; once in Spring and once in Fall in conjunction with attending our Annual Remodelers Summit. Locations of these meetings will rotate throughout your time with us.

For each of these meetings you are required to submit a company focus packet that includes a complete set of financials as well as an update on achievements, commitment progress, etc.

Each member of your group will review your packet and provide pertinent advice, tips, honest feedback, etc. You are responsible to reviewing these packets as well and being an active participant in their focus time.

In addition to your in-person meetings you will participate in monthly Micro-boards which are conference calls with 3-4 of your group members.

There are three levels of Roundtables membership; Executive, Professional and Mentor and each of these levels has requirements needed to move from one to another.

Membership Benefits

  1. 1
    Group Meetings

    Your group meets twice a year to discuss the issues you are facing on the road to success. In addition, you will participate in monthly conference calls, or “micro boards,” to help keep you on track and focused on your highest-priority success drivers.

  2. 2
    Meeting Planning & Logistics
    Our team of certified meeting professionals handle all the details… You just make your reservations and show up!

    Our meetings are known for their high-quality accommodations, food and entertainment opportunities.

  3. 3
    Expert Meeting Facilitators
    Roundtables meeting facilitators ensure that you will leave every group meeting with valuable insights and information to help your remodeling company enjoy greater success. Many of our facilitators have been, or still are, owners of successful remodeling firms — all of them are industry experts with a deep commitment to using their skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.
  4. 4
    Access to Information / Resources
    Whether it’s the members-only area on Facebook or a series of informational webinars, members of Remodeling Advantage Roundtables have access to the latest and greatest information that a growing remodeling company can thrive on.
  5. 5
    Remodelers Advantage University Access
    Roundtables members, and up to 8 staff members, are entitled to the benefits, content and information contained within the Remodelers Advantage University, at no additional cost.
  6. 6
    Discounts and special offers
    As a Roundtables member, you will always receive the lowest price on products (books, CDs, etc.), events (Production Conference, Extreme Business Makeover, etc.) and any business coaching and/or consulting services.

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