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PowerTips TV Throw-back Thursday: “Brand Awareness: How to Turn 77 Cents into Leads!”

Welcome to Q3 of 2017… Are you hitting the marketing goals you set for your company for the year? How is your plan performing? What’s working and what isn’t?

As we head into the second half of ’17 we bring back a previous PowerTips TV episode focused on a low-cost way to drive leads and build your brand. Take a few minutes to watch this video to insure you’ve explored every opportunity to drive leads at a lower cost.

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length 4:24 (not including bonus content)

Have you ever wondered how you could stretch your marketing dollars? Did you sometimes think that there had to be a lead generation tactic that you were missing?

You may have been hearing a lot about mobile advertising lately, and I agree that mobile is the future. But, actually, I had a “different kind of mobile” in mind. So put away your smart phones and join me for today’s 4 minute episode of PowerTips TV (unless of course you’re watching on your phone.)

What do you think?

Please share your “mobile advertising” stories with us in the comment section below! Or post your questions, and we’ll get you an answer!

How to generate leads with vehicle wraps

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  • George Skeeters

    Great stuff Victoria
    Although simple, our vehicles are all vinyl wrapped with our famous EAGLE EYE logo and I cant believe the brand awareness this has established over the past three years. Not a week goes by that someone does not stop us, comment out the window or mention in a conversation that they see us “everywhere”. It has been hands down our best marketing tool for brand awareness and establishing ourselves in the neighborhoods we serve.
    Between the vehicles, uniform shirts and regular vehicle washes these should be at the top line in every Remodeling companies budget.

    • Victoria Downing

      Thanks, George! I love hearing how well they work!

  • C Walkin

    Our vehicle graphics are the focus of an interactive media campaign. We’re asking for vehicle sightings to be posted on multiple social media sights to increase awareness and create a conversation with our community.

    • Victoria Downing

      Fantastic idea! I love it! Where might I see a photo?

      • C Walkin


  • Vicki Suiter

    Great video Victoria! Nice format using You Tube. I like the funny outtakes at the end too!

    • Victoria Downing

      Thank you very much, Vicki! Glad you watched!