An old saying goes, “What you say about yourself is a claim. What others say about you is fact!” Please read (and watch) the facts below!

First let me say I wish I had joined before. I was extremely impressed with the sincerity of all… (Remodelers Advantage) had my best interests at heart and was not trying to impress me or make themselves look good. They also made me feel welcome from the minute I first met anyone of them. There were a ton of great ideas.

John MacDougall, JMC Development
It is REALLY nice to see that the REALITY of your organization meets the ADVERTISING. We are looking forward to the focus and direction that a group like Remodelers Advantage helps give our company!

Wade Frietag, Craftsman Design and Renovation LLC
…Another awesome part of this meeting was the Hot Topics module where everyone in the room attacked some very potent issues facing all of our companies. Paul Winans brings such knowledge, experience and wisdom to the table…this, combined with his obvious concern and true desire to help, made this an incredible learning experience.

Larry Hodge, Hodge Design & Remodeling, Inc.
I just completed my first Roundtables™ meeting. It was a great success! I want to thank you for all that Remodelers Advantage is and the culture that is created. We are grateful and enjoying every step of the way.

Shawn Bakker, Bakker Construction, Inc.

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