Meet the Team

The Remodelers Advantage Team

The Remodelers Advantage Team has your interests at heart. We are all dedicated to bringing you the resources, the information, and the connections that will help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from the upper levels of success.


Victoria Downing

"The Inspiration"

Victoria is a leading authority in the remodeling industry, writing for Remodeling magazine, presenting educational seminars across North America, and is the author or co-authored of several industry books, including The Remodeler’s Marketing PowerPak.

Mark Harari

Vice President
"The Storyteller"

Mark is an experienced marketing executive who specializes in translating strategic vision to tactical execution. Having spent six years as head of marketing for a Baltimore-based remodeling firm, Mark understands the unique challenges facing remodeling business owners firsthand.

His areas of expertise include: Strategic Communications, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Content Marketing, Product Development, Promotions, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Retention Programs, Video Production, Illustration, Copywriting and Web Design.

Rose Grabowski, CRA

Chief Technologist
"The Computer Whisperer"

Rose oversees the technical aspects of the programs Remodelers Advantage uses. From software to SOP’s, she makes sure everything runs smoothly to deliver the services to you that are expected of us.

Her mere presence is sometimes enough to convince computers to work properly – have a problem?  Go ahead – give her a call!

Doug Howard

Director of Consulting Services
"The Fixer"

Doug Howard is an entrepreneur, government official and small business consultant with more than 25 years of experience in leading organizations and assisting his client companies.

Tim Faller

Senior Consultant
"The Master of Production"

For the last 17 years, Tim has worked full-time with companies to help them improve profits by creating smooth, efficient production systems. He has seen countless companies and talked with hundreds of employees. Through these interviews and his work with the Remodelers Advantage Production Manager Roundtables, he has focused his energy on the best strategies for managing people within a remodeling company.

Steve Wheeler

Sales Director
"The Producer"

Steve is an experienced sales executive with a passion for helping business owners achieve growth and success in their remodeling business. He joins Remodelers Advantage after spending over 12 years as a remodeling business owner, and a member of the RA community.

Steve is responsible for new membership sales to help remodelers find the program or product that will help them reach their business goals. He also pairs with numerous companies and organizations to help promote the service that will benefit our community of Remodeling Professionals. Steve is in the constant pursuit of helping Remodelers earn more, work less, period.

Dave Kelley

Marketing Director
"The Influencer"

Dave has more than 30 years of successful experience in marketing, business development, business ownership and management. Most recently, Dave owned a marketing consultancy in the Baltimore/Washington area. Dave’s background includes franchise industry experience, both as a franchisee/owner as well as an executive for a National franchise based here in Baltimore.

Dave’s role is to help lead the advertising, marketing, PR and communications efforts here at Remodelers Advantage.

Lindsay Faller

Membership Coordinator
"Red Leader"

Lindsey joined our team in 2018. More information on Lindsey’s background and job description coming soon!

Larenda Noble

Administrative Assistant
"The Cheer Advocate"

Larenda has joined our Administration team, she is an experienced customer service representative with an educational background in business and administration. She is a team player who assists all departments. Her focus is interacting with members and offering excellent customer service and support to the team.