Getting Rid of the Tire Kickers and Getting the Work You Want!

Getting Rid of the Tire Kickers and Getting the Work You Want!

Ready to stop wasting time on the Tire Kickers?

Are the “wrong people” calling your company, people you would never want to work with? Are you overwhelmed with leads? Have a difficult time deciding which leads are worth a visit? Then this telecourse is for you! Stop providing free estimates just to hear “We have to think it over.”

As a member of this Strategic Action Group, you and your Sales team will work with Paul and a small group of fellow remodeling companies to develop and refine the systems and processes needed so you can sell more, produce more…and earn more!

Paul-bioJoin Paul Winans, CR, as he shares his tried and true methods for getting rid of the tire kickers and getting the job!

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By participating in this fast-paced, results-oriented SAG via telephone and email, you and your team will learn:
  • How to find more of the good prospects, the people who want what you are selling.
  • How to create and work with a lead sheet that sifts out the wackos.
  • What it means to set clear agreements with prospects so you and they avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • How to develop a “ballpark number” that works so the sale is made before the proposal is presented.
  • Why you should be paid to prepare a proposal, even if you are not doing the design.
  • How to avoid “scope creep” that blows your chance of making the sale.
  • How to prepare an estimate that gives the client want he wants and gives you a solid chance of making the profit you deserve.
  • How to engage trade contractors and your production staff in your estimating process so they “own” the results.
  • How to present your proposal so you don’t get in the way of the client saying “Yes!”
  • How to handle the handoff from Sales to Production so that your client feels they made a smart choice.
  • How to improve your estimating for future projects from current projects, both while they are underway and after they are completed.
  • How to spend less time creating more sales.


6 sessions, each 1 hour – 9:30 AM Pacific / 12:30 PM Eastern

Corrected Dates:

January 15, & 29,

February 19,

March 5 & 19,

April 9, 2019

Maximum 4 Company Attendees

I am Interested In a Future Class!



Your Investment:  members $1600  |  non-members $1778


Here’s what past participants have said:

I am learning to ask more questions. Paul is so great at teaching this. Whenever I catch myself saying, “you just never know” that is just a reminder to ask the questions so we do know.

Sean Perry, Hands of Sean Perry
The SAG has been an inspiration, motivator and confidence booster for Golden Rule Builders. It has been a great way to bring us to the same page, modify weaknesses and highlight strengths. Looking at how our client sees us, reviewing each of our presentation materials and hearing other companies perspectives has been powerful. The biggest one for me was watching my team evaluate themselves and grow!

Joel Barkman, Golden Rule Builders
The main thing is to keep asking questions. I went to a first appointment last week in which the couple was interviewing 3 contractors to decide who to go with. All I did was ask lots of questions on what the clients wanted their bathroom to look like and I wrote down everything they said. They told me that they would decide later this week and let us know today. Instead, I received a call from a very excited woman on Monday to say that I was chosen and she could not wait to get started! I asked why she chose me and she said it was because I listened. That is what I have gotten out of this SAG the most, to listen!

Leslie King, Greymark Construction
Taking Paul’s SAG was financially beneficial to me and my entire company. Shortly after an update to our process, a tweak to our proposal, and gained confidence in our approach we sold a major design project that should support us for months to come. Simply having the bi-weekly discussion helped us work ON the business instead of WITHIN, which is a critical ingredient to our continued success.

Vinnie D'Avena, A.V. Remodeling and Construction

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