Roundtables™ for Marketing Pros

R.A.M.P. Up Your Marketing with Remodelers Advantage Marketing Pros!

This tactical Roundtables program brings together seasoned marketers from non-competing remodeling companies to sharpen their skills, share experiences and provide each other with the support they need to perform at the highest level.

  • Learn how to increase performance & generate measurable returns.
  • Define and execute modern marketing strategies and operations.
  • Gain real-world marketing ideas that you can implement immediately.

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Why do I Need Roundtables for my Marketing Pro?

Marketing professionals are expected to generate leads, build awareness, and create the strategic marketing direction for their company with limited time and resources.

The sheer volume of work coupled with its unique challenges and fast-pace, leaves little time for reflection.

What’s more, the ever-changing technology landscape makes it difficult to stay current on best practices and ahead of the competition.

In addition to providing support to one another, this group will act as an ongoing advisory board to share ideas and give input on tactics-in-development. They will be provided a private member group and forum on the website where they can post and share documents and continue important discussions.


The Goal: Improve all aspects of marketing and lead generation.

The Format: 2-day meetings, twice per year.

The Agenda: A variety of interactive modules including:

The meeting will include lively, engaging discussions on:
  • Developing Strategy for your company
  • Identifying the company’s Unique Selling Proposition (UPS)
  • Measuring Marketing Metrics—How to determine success
  • Creating lead generation tactics and techniques
  • Producing Lead Capture tools
  • Social Media Programs
  • Using Mass Media
Plus, the participants will:
  • Drill down into specific tactics to share successes and failures
  • Hear guest speakers, focusing on innovative marketing topics
  • Research new forms of marketing
  • Analyze marketing data to find trends and identify opportunities
  • Share resources … and more!

And remember, like all Remodelers Advantage programs, the Marketing Pros Roundtables Group is 100% guaranteed.


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