The Remodeler's Business Tools Suite

The Remodeler’s Business Tools Suite

Stop Running Your Business in the Dark! Remodelers Advantage, the leader in remodelers business education and consulting, delivers powerful cutting edge tools and lessons in this value-packed kit . . . making The Remodeler’s Business Tools Suite an essential part of any remodeler’s personal library.


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Business Tools Suite

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  • Budget Development Tool
  • Direct Mail ROI Calculator
  • Company Valuation Calculator
  • Competitor Analysis Calculator
  • How to Run Your Business So it Doesn’t Run You
  • Climbing The Ladder of Success
  • 101 PowerTips (best-selling book)
  • The Remodeler’s Definitive Guide to Hiring
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist
  • The Remodeler’s Ultimate Blog Idea Generator
  • My Work Diary

Product Details


  • Budget Development Tool Calculate everything you need to get it right.
  • Direct Mail ROI Calculator See the expected return on investment from the various direct mail campaigns you may be considering before you spend your money!
  • Company Valuation Calculator Do you know what your company is worth? Having an estimate of value not only gives you a critical litmus test, it establishes a starting point and distance to the finish.
  • Competitor Analysis Calculator This workbook provides a framework for getting a clear picture of how you compare to your competition. Includes a threat level indicator!


  • How to Run Your Business So it Doesn’t Run You a Conversation with Paul Winans, CR
  • Climbing The Ladder of Success Understanding and surviving the 5 stages of growth, Featuring industry expert, Judith Miller.

And More!

  • 101 PowerTips (best-seller) Great Business Ideas from America’s Top Remodeling Companies. Culled from interviews with our Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™ members, this boook provides a unique and insightful collection of proven ideas for running a more effective, efficient, and profitable remodeling company. (168 pg)
  • The Remodeler’s Definitive Guide to Hiring A remodeling company is only as good as its weakest employee. This means that top-notch hiring, motivating, and training skills are key to finding and keeping superstars.
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist Onboarding is a long-term process that begins before an employee’s start date and continues for at least six months. This Checklist helps hiring managers prepare for the arrival of new employees.
  • The Remodeler’s Ultimate Blog Idea Generator Some people say the hardest part of having a blog is thinking of something to write about. Well fear not, my dear remodeling friend! This tool will give you endless topics specifically geared towards your remodeling company!
  • My Work Diary Learning where you’re wasting time is a big step towards earning more and working less! This workbook does all the calculations for you and includes an easy-to-see chart of your activities!