Production Manager Roundtables™ Peer Groups

The Power of Roundtables™ for your Production Team!

Developed in conjunction with Field Training Services President, Tim Faller, this special Roundtables™ Group Program  for Production Managers focuses on all aspects of production management including:

People Management
Problem Solving and making & keeping commitments.

Discussions on the latest and greatest technology available.

Developing personnel improvement plans to increase efficiency.

Customer service
The little things that turn a client from a fan to an apostle.


Here’s how Roundtables™ for Production Managers Works

The members meet in person twice a year and the meetings are two days in length:  Networking dinner the evening before the event begins, meet all day on Day 1 and meet until 5:00 pm on Day 2.

We collect Performance Metrics, targeting specifically those metrics that track production performance. In between meetings, Tim hosts a 90 minute teleseminar or webinar to help your Production Managers’ continue to improve their management skills.

They also participate in MicroBoards—small groups of up to 12 peers who meet monthly via telephone to discuss issues and ask for input.

The Result:

You will see your Production Manager master his/her role within the company as (s)he improves hiring practices, coaching skills, and delivers exceptionally satisfied clients and a greater profit for the company as a whole.  You, in turn, will see increased retention of this valuable employee.

We are confident that the skills your PM will gain as a member of this group will drive greater efficiency and productivity through the entire department – and company.

What's your ROI?

ROI: The numbers don’t lie…

If your company produces $1,500,000… 

  • Reducing slippage by 2% will save $30,000 in COGS.
  • Retaining top production talent will save $60,000+ in hiring expenses.
  • Hiring top talent who delivers the project 3% more efficiently would earn the company an additional $45,000.
Your Investment

Annual Membership is Only $4195*

Membership dues for the Production Managers Roundtables™ Group includes dinner, two breakfasts, two lunches, snacks and all other meeting expenses for each of the two annual meetings. (Does not include travel or hotel sleeping room.)  A four part payment schedule is available for your convenience.
* Remodelers Advantage members pay only $3340!

There is no other program of this type in existence! If you would like to reserve a seat for your Production Manager submit an application or call  301-490-5620.

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And remember, like all Remodelers Advantage programs, the Production Manager Roundtables™ Group is 100% guaranteed.