Onsite Business Coaching

Onsite Business Analysis with Remodeling Business Experts

Remodelers Advantage consultants fly out and work directly with you and your key people to solve specific problems and meet the challenges that arise in your business.


Work with the best people — and tools — in the remodeling business.

Our coaches and consultants draw on years of real-world experience and use proven analytic and information-gathering tools — many of which are available exclusively through Remodelers Advantage. Just a few of these tools include:

The Strategic Remodeling Business Analysis System™

Remodelers Advantage Company Focus Forms. 


Optimize performance with Personality Profiles

What to expect

Each situation is different, but onsite consulting typically includes having the consultant spend a day or a day and a half with the owner and management team. This is usually followed by a thorough report from the consultant.

Onsite consulting offers incredible value because the consultant can see, hear and feel exactly what’s going on in your company. He or she will meet with your team members to hear their inside viewpoints on the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

From this in-depth program, you’ll have a customized action plan to keep you and your team on track to reach greater success.

Meet our experts

These seasoned experts will work one-on-one with you and your key people to help you move past obstacles, fine-tune business performance, and seize opportunities. Click here to learn more about the Remodelers Advantage Consulting Team.

When to call

Call on Remodelers Advantage Coaching whenever you face business challenges and difficult decisions.

We will quickly match you with a coach or consultant who is ready to step in immediately, answer questions and work one-on-one with you to:

  • Build the right organization to support your remodeling business
  • Deal with difficult human resources challenges
  • Implement the right pricing policies
  • Delegate some of your duties and responsibilities
  • Use performance metrics to improve overall efficiency and profitability of your remodeling business
  • And more…

There’s no obligation to learn more. Just give us a call today. 301-490-5620.