Strategic Planning

2-Day, On-Site

Program Overview

Strategic Planning is beneficial to any company, but it is essential for a growing organization, particularly one with multiple owners, shareholders or stakeholders.

The strategic planning process is designed to articulate the organization’s vision for the future in as much detail as possible, assess the current status of the business in a wide array of mission critical areas and develop strategies, tactics, timelines and resource allocations for getting the business to its current “place” to its “destination”.

The process begins with this two-day, on-site program. It is intended to lay the foundation for an extended process of data gathering, strategic development, implementation and measurement over the following six months. Organization will vary in the time, methods and resource they need and use for implementation.

Strategic Planning consists of more than simply assessing the individual aspects of a successful business. It is very much about the alignment of those aspects with organizational goals, the inter-dependency and competing nature of those aspects within the organization and the proper sequencing of tactical efforts.

Strategic Planning is ultimately intended to provide a framework to allocate the limited resources of time, people and money in a way that transforms the organization from its current status to the company that leadership envisions.


What You'll Get

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Program Consultant

Program Agenda

  1. DAY ONE (am)

    Strategic Framework Development

    • Welcome and Overview
    • Mission & Vision Statements
    • Values, Beliefs & Company Culture
    • 3-Year Operating Objectives
    • Financial Review of Business
  2. DAY ONE (pm)

    Interviews & Data Collection

    • Growth Readiness Assessment
    • Organizational Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Marketing Position – QUIP & USP
    • Competition Analysis
    • Key Staff Interviews
  3. DAY TWO (am)

    Priorities & Processes

    • LEAN Process Improvement
    • Cash Flow & Overbilling
    • Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
    • Customer Service and Competitive Advantage
  4. DAY TWO (pm)

    Implementation, Action Plans & Timelines

    • Transition, Leadership and Training Needs
    • Corporate Outsource Team
    • Metrics & Key Performance Indicators
    • Succession & Contingency Planning