The mission of our Consulting team is to join you on your path to success; providing the coaching, resources, and assistance needed to develop and implement strategies that will get you to the next level.

Doug Howard, Director of Consulting

Business Consulting & Coaching Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is beneficial to any company, but it is essential for a growing organization, particularly one with multiple owners, shareholders or stakeholders.

Cash Flow Management
Incorporating existing reports and information into one tool and focuses weekly meetings around the steps necessary to stabilize and improve cash flow.
LEAN Process Improvement

Process improvement designed to simultaneously improve customer service, enhance employee morale & increase profitability with little or no capital.

Transition Planning

How will you transition your business?
Will you sell it? Are you planning to turn it over to the next generation in your family?
Or do you have another successor?

Production Improvements

Improvements to your company’s production department can save you thousands toward your bottom line and in turn, help take your business to the next level.

TimTour 2019
On-site Production Training Focused on Improving Your Bottom Line – On-Site Training with a 2-day visit focused on the production system & personnel of your company.