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Strategic Planning by the Numbers

You’ve been told it’s important to “know your numbers” but do you know how to use your financial information to help you make hard-hitting, profit-insuring decisions for your company? Join industry consultant, Victoria Downing, president of Remodelers Advantage Inc., as she explains the key financial indicators in every company and demonstrates exactly what they are telling you. Then join your peers as you interpret real-life financial information and solve your company’s most common problems. This is a hands-on, participatory session so bring your calculator!

How Do You Compare: Performance Metrics of the High Performers

Compare your company’s performance with over 170 other successful remodeling companies across the country. We will describe best practices in sales and marketing, people management, strategic planning and more. Review real life examples culled from award winning companies from across the United States and Canada. Learn what the top performers do differently and how they drive their outstanding results. Discover how these savvy business owners develop a plan and bring it to life. Identify what the bottom performers neglect to do, leaving them vulnerable to the ups and downs of the marketplace. Recognize the gaps in your company’s operations and create a plan to increase your company’s performance.

Coaching and Accountability: How to Get Your Employees Thinking – and Acting – Like Owners

Learn how to use build a company in which tasks and projects get done effectively and efficiently – all without you having to nag or micro manage to get it done. Learn how to use your time most efficiently while helping your employees grow into their jobs and add continual value to the company.



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