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Looking for LEAN: Better Customer Experiences All Around You

Looking for LEAN: Better Customer Experiences All Around You

Creating a successful remodeling company, one that’s profitable year in and year out, isn’t easy. That’s where LEAN comes in. You can look to many well-known companies for signs of how they incorporate LEAN practices and principles into their processes — and how that positively affects the customer experience. 

Every day, we experience situations that have processes that are anything but “lean.” They’re riddled with the waste — making processes longer, more difficult, more expensive to deliver, and more frustrating for employees. Waiting, defective work that must be redone, extra steps, excessive motion, and the extra movement of materials are all common components found in processes that have room for improvement.  

LEAN is the relentless pursuit of the elimination of these wastes in a systematic way. As you begin the journey of continuous improvement, you can find well-known companies that demonstrate LEAN in their processes. Let’s take a look. 

Southwest Airlines  

Southwest uses one type of aircraft for all of its flights, making it easier to create and maintain standard work. It’s easier to change out crews, which helps to minimize delays — and disgruntled customers waiting at the gate. Southwest’s open seating, along with a boarding process that gives each passenger the incentive to board quickly, reduces downtime for the plane and wait times for passengers. 


The sandwich chain is a great example of where you can see LEAN principles in action (and grab lunch at the same time). The order and process for making sandwiches is standard. Meats and cheeses are pre-cut and the sides and toppings are all in a particular order. This allows team members to jump in and help without disrupting the flow. Hundreds of customized sandwiches can be produced exactly the way each customer wants. This is further accomplished because the customer is the monitor of selections, catching mistakes as the go and correcting them. 

Disney’s Theme Parks  

By using the Fast Pass system, park guests can reduce their wait times in line. The Fast Past allows patrons to select specific times for popular rides, and get in a special line when the time comes. They can only select one ride at a time, but this reduces the number of people waiting in the regular line, moving people through with less waiting there as well.  

These examples should get you thinking about other companies, the benefits of LEAN processes and the many forms it can take. Start your LEAN journey soon and reap the benefits of improved processes — better customer service, enhanced quality, fewer demands on staff, and lower costs.  

So, is LEAN in your future? Will your company be one of the great examples of ways to eliminate WASTE and operate with improved processes?  

It’s up to you!  

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