September 26 – 28
Tuesday Evening
Welcome Party 
Wednesday Evening

The Welcome Party


Tuesday Night Fever

Need a costume for the Tuesday Night Fever party? We recommend Theatrical Costume right down the street!


Ready to get your groove on?

Yeah baby. We’re going to party like its 1979. So slide on those 8-inch platforms, slip into some psychedelic purple polyester bell bottoms, and get ready to boogie, foxy mama!

Disco party tv


old school 70s

Confab with top remodelers

There’s no better way to break the ice then to chat it up with the coolest cats in Remodeling. And to do it at a Disco? Well that’s just funkadelic. Can you dig it?


Are you Jivin’ yet?

This is the real deal. We’ve got a DY-NO-MITE pad for you to show off your duds, so don’t by shy because we’ll be giving out some groovy prizes.

We’ll be shakin’ it up with enough food and drinks for Woodstock so grab your love beads and get ready for a party that jives. (Don’t stress it. Ain’t no fuzz gonna bother us.)

Tuesday Night Fever


70s divider

Here’s the TNF Soundtrack!

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Tuesday Night Fever