September 26 – 28
Tuesday Evening
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Summit Day Sessions





OPENING KEYNOTE: The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Chris McChesney

Author & Global Practice Leader of Execution for FranklinCovey

Author of the Wall Street Journal best seller The 4 Disciplines of Execution, Chris McChesney has helped corporate giants like Marriott International, Coca-Cola and Lockheed Martin transform how their huge projects are approached and completed.

But Chris’ expertise isn’t limited to industry goliaths. In his keynote address, Chris will share the secret to bringing the 4 Disciplines into remodeling companies, large and small, and teach you the practical steps of how to get things done, on time and on target.


CLOSING KEYNOTE: Pass The Snorkel – I’m Drowning In Ideas

Bruce Case

President and CEO of Case Design / Remodeling

Dreams and ideas fuel you, your team, and your business. But how many of those dreams and ideas have turned into reality? As remodelers, our days are filled juggling marketing, recruiting, human resources, sales, design, cash flow, government regulation – and everything else.

Turning our clients’ dreams into reality often leaves little time for turning our own dreams into reality. Join Bruce as we discuss five challenges remodelers face in executing their ideas and tools to overcome those challenges. It’s time to change that paradigm.


Secrets of Profit Giants

Ty Melton

President and CEO of Melton Design Build

Learn how a long-term Roundtables member developed a company that delivers very-above-average profits year after year. Ty Melton will share the profit-thrilling strategies that made the biggest difference for him. Plus, he’ll talk about the lessons he learned during his journey to success.


Measuring What Matters

Jeremy Martin

President RisherMartin

Learn how RisherMartin, the 2016 Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneurs of the Year, implemented technology and processes to measure what matters.

Following the dictum “what gets measured gets managed”, hear how RisherMartin identified meaningful metrics and how we communicate those to our team in regular intervals to strengthen our culture of high performance and accountability. We’ll discuss simple, high impact processes we implemented to support our mission of continuous improvement.



Your Brain: Ally Or Enemy?

Jackie Shaw

Founder/Principal Consultant, Get Organized!, LLC

Just get ‘er done.  Scientific research of the brain has provided interesting and insightful information about how we can work in the most effective and efficient manner.  Join Jackie to review some of the most important tools that resulted from the research.

Is multitasking achievable?  How do technology advances impact our brain functions and therefore our ability to execute?  How can we keep our minds sharp so we can be the best leader and role model for staff?  Time to redefine Just get ‘er done.


Powerful Production Meetings

Tim Faller

Senior Consultant, Remodelers Advantage

Regular production meetings can be a waste of time or the key to ongoing improvement.  It is all in the content, the preparation, and the execution. Learn about all three and invigorate your team instead putting them to sleep!


Secrets of the Big50 Service Excellence Award Winners

Geoff Graham

Founder and CEO, GuildQuality

The Big50 recognizes the best in the remodeling industry. Each year, a select group are also deemed “customer service leaders”. What are the very best of the best doing that you aren’t? With years of data collected, GuildQuality has crunched the numbers to reveal what aspects of a remodeling job most impact customer satisfaction and has identified best practices that these exceptional companies share.


Open Book Management: Empower Your Team To Help Run Your Company

Doug Selby

CEO, Meadowlark Builders

Empowering your staff to run the day-to-day operations of the business can free the owner’s time to work ON the business and create clarity of purpose among staff members. To truly engage your employees, however, you have to be willing to bring them into the decision-making processes of the company, which by necessity means the financial operations of the company. Open Book Management is a powerful way to create buy-in and a deep understanding among team members of what success means and how to achieve it.


Your Remodeling Business: A Vehicle To Personal Wealth

Tom Mitchell

President and Owner, Mitchell Construction Group, Inc.

As small business owners, it is easy to be caught up in the day to day tasks of working in the business. It’s so exciting to feel like we’re making progress. But how disheartening to get to the end of (what seemed like) a great year and realize it wasn’t so great after all. You’re left wondering; where did all the money go?

Armed with a vision for our future and the discipline to build proven habits, we can empower our business to serve our personal vision for wealth and happiness.


Profitable Solution to Flipping Properties

Andrew Schroeder

President, Schroeder Design/Build, Inc.

Join Andrew Schroeder, President of Schroeder Design Build, as he shares his experience in the launch and ramp up of his highly successful Real Estate Acquisitions Department. He tells his clients, “Our goal is to help you find solutions to your property issues with honest answers, less stress and more money in your pocket!” Learn how Schroeder Design Build has turned this diversity into a high-profit generator for their business.


Project Management – Accountability Through Communication

Daniel J. Hurst, MCR, CLC

Owner/General Manager, Hurst Design Build Remodel

You know a project was managed successfully when it’s completed on time, on budget, and with a happy client. So how do you ensure your project management team is focused on doing the things that lead to this for each and every project? How do you hold your team accountable? Join Dan as he shows you how your team can use key performance indicators to measure what’s important and ensure effective client communication is happening weekly. Get your team to focus on the activities that lead to a successfully managed project, on time, on budget, and with a happy client.


Transferring Ownership to Key Employees

Scott Wooton

Owner, Kawartha Lakes Construction Company, Ltd.

Join Scott Wooton as he shares his experience in creating a program to transfer ownership of his successful remodeling company to a team of key employees.



Join small groups of your peers to meet remodeling industry experts and Ask Them Anything!

In this informal session, a rotating array of smart, savvy business people will be ready to share their expertise with you and your peers.

Each expert has a “Kickstarter Topic” to get the conversation started. But you’re not required to stick to that topic.

Remember, this is AskAnything!


Leading Your Company to Success

Paul Winans

Facilitator/Consultant, Remodelers Advantage

Paul’s background and long-time involvement in the remodeling industry nationwide gives him the ability to provide tried and true suggestions and tips on how to handle a challenge.


Growing Your Remodeling Business

Bruce Case

President and CEO, Case Design/Remodeling

Bruce is the president of a multi-million dollar, full line design build company. Join him to talk about the obstacles this company were faced with at each stage of their phenomenal growth.


Moving Your Company Through The 5 Stages of Growth

Judith Miller

Facilitator/Consultant, Remodelers Advantage

Judith’s 25 years of experience provide a magnifying glass into the critical metrics of company performance from which real-time solutions for improvement can be built!


Catapulting Profits with Smart Purchasing

Rosie Romero

Facilitator/Consultant, Remodelers Advantage

Rosie’s down-to-earth style makes him one of our most popular facilitators. He draws upon years of industry experience as the owner of one of Phoenix’s dominant remodeling companies


Generating Leads Through Content Marketing

Mark Harari

Vice President and CMO, Remodelers Advantage, inc.

Mark is an experienced, award winning marketing executive who specializes in translating strategic vision to tactical execution. Over his 18-year career, Mark has run the marketing gamut: From email, SEO and brand management to copywriting, print production and web design. His pioneering work in developing targeted audience acquisition strategies has made him a valuable asset to Remodelers Advantage.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sales Management

Michael Wood, CR

Vice President and Sales Manager, Callen Construction

Michael Wood started with Callen Construction in 2002 and became the company’s Vice President in 2013. In his role as Sales Manager, Michael trains the sales staff in every aspect of successfully closing jobs while appropriately setting expectations with clients. Through Michael’s leadership, Callen Construction has surged in revenue and profits.


Exploding Efficiency With Lean Construction Processes

Chris Dana

Vermeer Corporation, Facilitator/Consultant – Remodelers Advantage

At Vermeer, Chris helps businesses all over the world find ways to run more efficient operations by sharing his Lean Process expertise and strategic business knowhow.


Do Your Employees Use Drugs? Let’s Talk!

Craig Webb

Editor, Remodeling magazine

Drug use is rampant across the country and it is hitting the remodeling industry like a hammer. Join Craig to discuss how to handle this crisis – whether that means dealing with existing employees who are using . . . or avoiding prospective hires who bring this bad habit to the company.


Driving Profits Up with Great Production Systems

Tim Faller

Senior Consultant, Remodelers Advantage

Tim has become known as THE production guru for the remodeling industry. His educational programs at national industry events such as The Remodeling Show and others are standing room only as he uses his self-effacing style to connect with all levels of production staff and remodeling company owners