Victoria Downing

President, Remodelers Advantage

Victoria is a leading authority in the remodeling industry, writing for Remodeling magazine, presenting educational seminars across North America, and is the author or co-authored of several industry books, including The Remodeler’s Marketing PowerPak.

Judith Miller

Financial Wizard, Facilitator

Judith Miller is a top level strategist who knows remodelers and the numbers – inside out and backwards. She excels at working with owners, bookkeepers and controllers to see the truth in the numbers – from both a financial and job cost perspective!

Her 25 years of experience provide a magnifying glass into the critical metrics of company performance from which real-time solutions for improvement can be built!

Clients enjoy working with Judith: her sense of fun encourages others to enjoy what they previously feared – balance sheet, job cost analysis, profit and loss review or budgets and strategy. She can help you gain control in any economy!

Paul Winans, CR

Consultant, Facilitator

Paul Winans, CR, ran a highly successful remodeling business with his wife, Nina, for 29 years before they sold it in 2007. Their systems-oriented approach, with manuals for every position which were used as part of a continuous training program, contributed greatly to the company’s success and their ability to be away from the day-to-day running of the business for cumulatively up to four months each year!

Paul is excellent at getting to the essence of what he’s heard and helping his clients look at their situations in new ways, providing suggestions based on his real life experiences. Paul’s background and long-time involvement in the remodeling industry nationwide give him the ability to provide tried and true suggestions and tips on how to handle a challenge.

If you are a remodeling company owner struggling with work/life balance, personal goal setting as the basis for meaningful business planning, how to change and grow so your company can, working with a spouse or partner, or being the leader that your business needs, Paul is here to help you!

Tim Faller

Production Expert, Facilitator

Author of The Lead Carpenter Handbook, Tim Faller founded Field Training Services, a firm committed to training production staff in good job-site management, in 1999. Since that time, Tim has become known as THE production guru for the remodeling industry. His educational programs at national industry events such as The Remodeling Show and others are standing room only as he uses his self-effacing style to connect with all levels of production staff and remodeling company owners.

Mark Harari

VP & CMO, Facilitator

Mark is an experienced marketing executive who specializes in translating strategic vision to tactical execution. Having spent six years as head of marketing for a Baltimore-based remodeling firm, Mark understands the unique challenges facing remodeling business owners firsthand.

His areas of expertise include: Strategic Communications, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Content Marketing, Product Development, Promotions, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Direct, Retention Programs, Video Production, Illustration, Copywriting and Web Design.

Craig Deimler

Sales Consultant, Facilitator

With a company profitably producing over $2,200,000 annually, Craig understands what it takes to develop and manage a winning sales team.