Measure What Matters

Judith Miller

Financial Wizard & Facilitator

In this session, industry guru, Judith Miller, uses her years of expertise to share how measuring specific performance metrics – financial and other – can deliver the information you need to create dynamic, effective strategies that can guarantee company profits for years to come.

You will learn

  • Where you are in the 5 Stages of Business Growth and how to move to the next Stage—if you want to.
  • How the powerful financial tools the best companies use can transform your business results.
  • Why your Balance Sheet and Income Statement should be your best friends . . . and how to make that happen.
  • How to use a Job Cost Report to help you capture every penny of the profit you should earn.

Partners You Need

Paul Winans

Consultant, Facilitator

Paul Winans has been in the remodeling industry for over 30 years both as a business owner and consultant to other remodelers. He knows that success is driven, not only by your hard work, but by the people with whom you surround yourself. In this session, he shares the strategies he used to create a powerful network of supporters that contributed to his success.


The Sales / Production Relationship

Tim Faller

Production Expert, Facilitator

The industry’s foremost production expert, Tim Faller, understands that a strong relationship between the sales and production department can drive company results to the highest levels. Alternatively, a poor relationship – demonstrated by bickering, finger pointing, poor communications – can lead to missed goals, overrun budgets and profits slipping between your fingers.

In this session, Tim will share strategies for building a strong connection between the two teams, driven by a solid understanding of common goals and benefits. Tim will focus on three main elements – Teamwork, Pre-Job Planning, and the essential Job Debrief.


DiSC – Know Yourself, Know Your Employees

Victoria Downing

President, Remodelers Advantage

Victoria Downing has been working with DiSC personality assessments for nearly 15 years. She’s seen many remodelers use these tools to foster relationships between team members, to avoid misunderstandings, to communicate more effectively with employees, clients, and trade partners. Plus, assessments such as these are, today, an essential part of host effective hiring programs. In this session, you’ll learn more about you . . . and how your personality is affecting everyone around you.


Sales Systems that Work

Craig Deimler

Consultant, Facilitator, and Owner of Diemler & Sons Construction

Craig Deimler has been selling remodeling for over 15 years. He’s a student of the sales process and is continually testing, modifying, and improving his sales system. In this session, Craig will share his no-bull approach to securing millions of dollars of remodeling sales each year. Be ready to be challenged and awed by what you can actually say that works!


Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

Mark Harari

Facilitator and Marketing Director for Remodelers Advantage

As a remodeler with a limited marketing budget, you need to take advantage of the lowest-cost, highest return marketing strategies you can. Your website is the number one tool you have to cost-effectively generate and capture qualified leads for your business.

In this session we’ll discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, page designs that convert, persuasive writing tips, compelling calls to action, and more. We will also be performing live website analysis! Attendees that are brave enough, can offer their own website for dissection.

*Note: Those who are easily offended by criticism should not submit their website for public review!



Facilitated by Rose Grabowski

Chief Technologist for Remodelers Advantage

The most popular session at the workshop, MasterMinds is your chance to ask your peers for their insights and advice on your most pressing issue. Working in small groups, you’ll dive into solving the problems and complications that crop up every single day. You’ll be amazed at the creative, insightful solutions your peers will provide – an excellent example of how working with peers can transform your business.


Experts Panel

Facilitated by Victoria Downing

President, Remodelers Advantage

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have three of the industry’s most admired experts answer your questions live! Tim Faller, Judith Miller, and Paul Winans will answer your questions and share their vast experience to help you overcome challenges, take the most effective next steps, and be inspired to reach for the stars.


Nine Steps to Attract a Potential Buyer

Paul Winans

Consultant, Facilitator

Paul and Nina Winans sold their remodeling business. They are one of the very few in this industry to have done so successfully. Learn what this husband-wife team discovered as they completed this rare journey. Here, Paul will share the practical steps that you must take if you are serious about one day selling your business – and receiving the highest value possible.


*Note: Session titles, topics and presenters are subject to change.