Strategic Action Groups

Fast-paced, Results-oriented Distance Learning

Delivered in the convenience of your own office, our courses, known as Strategic Action Groups, are delivered live via phone, email and/or webinar over the span of several weeks or months, depending on the course and content.

Current Courses

  1. Becoming a Great Salesperson

    Started October 3, 2019

    Demanded by salespeople across the country, this course brings you together with a small group of your peers for a series of hard-hitting conference calls. During these 90 minute calls, you’ll work with other experienced, remodeling salespeople to:

    • Talk shop from generating the lead to the final close
    • Share effective marketing tips to attract clients who understand value
    • Develop strategies for increasing your close ratio
    • Learn which strategies work to speed up the sales cycle
    • Improve your success rate by working with the right clients, and sell more jobs!!

    By working with other remodeling salespeople, you’ll gain dozens of techniques for increasing your success by leveraging the brainpower and years of selling experience provided by this group of sales professionals.

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  1. Increased Profit Through Client Management

    Classes Start March 12, 2020!

    Client Management Training for Designers & Architects

    • Are important projects taking too long to complete the design?
    • Do customers seem shocked by the final price of a completed design?
    • Do over-budget designs upset the customer and never get built?
    • Is production waiting on your designers to get the customer to sign the construction agreement?

    In today’s brisk business environment, getting projects through design on-budget and on-time is crucial. There’s nothing more upsetting than a completed design that doesn’t convert to production.

    Today, the design department may be THE bottleneck in many design/build remodeling companies throughout North America.

    This program, led by Chip Doyle, is NOT a sales course and is designed to address:

    • Dealing with allowances in the design and selection process
    • When and how to discuss budgets with customers
    • Meeting design deadlines to assist production
    • The Dreaded Scope Creep – when it starts and how the designer can control it
    • And More!

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