Intense. Interactive. In-person.

Our MasterClass Series courses are intimate two-day sessions of rich, interactive information with plenty of hands-on instruction. We cap our classes at 12-18 individuals, which means more opportunity to work one-on-one with the instructor. All our instructors are well-known respected industry experts and some of the best in their fields of expertise.


  1. Project Manager Intensive

    When:  September 16, 17 & 18, 2020
    Where: Virtual

    Remodelers Advantage presents a Masterclass course designed specifically for Project Management personnel in the remodeling and custom-building industries.

    This course is a blend of instruction, interactive exercises and Roundtables elements such as individual focus time and formulating commitments in a group of non-competing remodeling companies*.

    This program consists of two days of intensive training and instruction focused on two of the most important aspects of managing a project; (1) hitting the agreed-upon budget and (2) working with and managing the team effectively.

    Industry and business experts Tim Faller, Victoria Downing, and Doug Howard will be facilitating this meeting virtually each day.

  2. Accurate Bookkeeping for Successful...

    When: Now Running
    Where: Virtual

    Construction bookkeeping is complicated: it deals with multiple jobs, scopes of work, various trades, and a number of material suppliers.

    The accuracy and timeliness of the various reports needed at month end are critical to decision making for both jobs and the company.

    Over the years Remodelers Advantage has developed “The R/A Way” to provide both good job costs and managerial reports in a succinct and useful way.

    Learn “The R/A Way” at this 14-hour Master Class taught by Judith Miller, speaker, facilitator and key contributor to “The RA Way” program.

    Next Class in Winter 2020

  1. I, Marketer: How to build an unstopp...

    When: Dates Coming Soon
    Where: Baltimore, MD

    I, Marketer: How to Build an Unstoppable Marketing Department (even if you’re the only one in it)

    You are not alone.
    To the contrary, there are millions in the same position as you. Over 90% of small businesses have only one person responsible for all of the company’s marketing efforts.

    Just because you’re not a fortune 500 company … and just because you don’t have a marketing team of 50, don't think that means you aren't a marketing department.

    We’ll cover all major aspects of running a successful marketing department, including messaging, building a marketing plan, measurement, working with sales teams, customer research techniques, and more.

    And this course is designed with the marketing department “of one” in mind.

  2. Building an Effective Design Process

    When: Running Now
    Where: Virtual

    Created exclusively for design managers and senior level designers in remodeling and custom building companies, this MasterClass brings together presentations from award-winning industry experts, best practice sharing, and more.

    Jobs are won or lost during the design process. By learning how other successful companies manage this essential area of the business, you’ll have the ammunition you need to deliver far beyond client expectations while maximizing profits on every job.

    Next Class in Winter 2020