Remodelers Advantage


What is Remodelers Advantage?

Business owners who have joined Remodelers Advantage have done so because they understand the importance of delivering the greatest possible value to you, their client. They recognize that the way they run the business-side of the company has a significant impact on your remodeling experience. So, they’re investing their time and money to learn how to manage their business in the most efficient, well-organized way possible.

This focus on improving business processes–the processes that insure your project will run smoothly–is one of the many factors that make Remodelers Advantage members the top companies in the industry. Remember, the process of remodeling is not as simple as merely delivering a product — it’s a service through which they create your unique, one-of-a-kind project.

Remodeling companies that are efficiently and effectively organized . . .

  • Will be here in the future to help you protect your largest investment — your home.
  • Understand that your satisfaction is a major driver in their long-term success — so they work hard to earn it.
  • Have the credentials, the licenses, and the insurances that demonstrate their commitment to the business as well as protect you and your home from the unexpected.
  • Deliver greater value and a smoother experience than seemingly low-priced amateurs who don’t understand that the process is as important as the final product.

Remodelers Advantage members are expected to exhibit the highest ethical principles in their business.”