Personality Assessments & Pre-Employment Screening

Personality Assessments and Pre-Employment Screening

Tools for Building a Superstar Team!

Remodelers Advantage is a certified distributor of an array of personality assessments developed by TTI Performance Systems, Ltd, the worldwide leader in personal and professional assessment tools.

Our clients regularly use these state-of-the-art tools …
          • to help improve communication among team members, eliminating friction and improving understanding between all team members
          • as a new employee screening tool to help review personality profiles, motivators and apptitudes before hiring
          • to provide direction for ongoing coaching and training of all employees
          • as a discussion document during regular company meetings to build an “all for one” culture and an efficient work environment.

Our services include DISC assessments as well as specific tools for managers, salespeople, and more. In addition to basic personality profiles, we also offer the Candidate Matching, selling skills assessments, 360 Degree Review tools and an array of additional management tools.

These comprehensive assessments are an integral part of our coaching and consulting system as the results are instrumental in helping our expert coaches understand you and your specific challenges more completely.

Remodelers Advantage President, Victoria Downing, has received extensive training to interpret these in-depth reports and has the following credentials:

            • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
            • Certified Professional Values Analyst
            • Certified Professional TriMetrix Analyst

She has been working with the results of these assessments for over 10 years and believes strongly in the value that the reports will bring to you and your team.

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