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The Failure Analysis Exercise: How to Reset Your System For Success

In the beginning, your remodeling business had systems and you were on top of the world. It was you, your clipboard, pager, tool belt and pick-up truck. You were making decent money and drowning in client praises. Your company’s systems were the key to your success. One successful job after another and you found yourself […]

Redefining Your Strategic Alliances (part 2)

Last week I explained what our company did to ensure that we would be every subcontractor’s favorite remodeling contractor to work for. I also listed the actions we took at our subcontractors’ requests to ensure we attained and maintained a strong relationship. If you missed the article, you can read it here. In the past, […]

Redefining Your Strategic Alliances (part 1)

We all have them, those partnerships that are critically important to the successful conduct of our remodeling business: supplier, bank and subcontractor relationships just to name a few. I’d like to argue that the most critical of these three are your subcontractor relationships because a representative of the subcontractor is invariably on one of your […]

How Remodelers can turn $50k into $2,505,000

Do you find yourself constantly aggravated about never having the cash on hand to accomplish all you desire or the capacity to jump at opportunities as they arise? As small amounts of reserve capital begin to accumulate, it’s incredible how many demands surface to deplete us of that money: quarterly tax deposits, a job gone […]