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How to Quickly Connect with People and Make a Tremendous Impression

It’s time for the first ever installment of “Skills every remodeler should have, but don’t think it’s very important, so they don’t take the time to figure out how to do it.” (It’s a working title.) Let’s kick off this series with the burning question, “How can I remember people’s names?” – something every remodeler should know […]

How to Attract High-End Customers

Selling to high-end clients is arguably one of the quickest ways to increase revenue and improve your profitability. In today’s episode of PowerTipsTv, I’ll give you some tips and tactics to attract the strong purchasing power of this coveted market segment. Special thanks goes out to @LeoLantz for requesting today’s topic! Have a question you […]

5 Facebook Posts that Drive Engagement

Is your Facebook page under performing? Many remodelers make the mistake of thinking “as long as I post once a day, I’m doing social media marketing.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. The whole point is to be recognizable. You want people to know your brand. You want to be top of mind when […]

New Additions to the Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™ Facilitators Team

Remodelers Advantage, home to the industry’s largest peer group program, Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™, is proud to announce the expansion of their Roundtables™ facilitator team. Roundtables™ facilitators bring industry knowledge to their role as they both lead the meetings for Roundtables™ members and share their expertise to help members build strong, consistently profitable remodeling companies. Victoria […]

8 Tips to Running a PRODUCTIVE Meeting

Parking lots, traffic lights, scribes and soapboxes. Do you know what these four things have in common? If you didn’t say “meetings” then this is a must-see episode of PowerTips TV! Whether you have two employees or 200, meetings are a must-do component to operating a successful remodeling company. But it takes more than just […]

The No.1 Email Mistake I Know You’re Making

Every single touch with another human being is an opportunity for your company to shine. It’s a chance to differentiate yourself from the competition. And the out-of-office reply is the single most overlooked opportunity a remodeler has to be remarkable. Now, the amount of mileage you can get on this will certainly vary. If you’re new […]

The Most Overlooked Way to Increase Your Marketing Budget

Marketing is the grease that keeps the company wheel going. The better the marketing, the more leads. The more leads, the more sales. The more sales . . . well, you get the picture. But marketing programs cost money. In this week’s episode of PowerTips TV Victoria helps you find more money to do more marketing. It […]

The Secret to Creating a Great Company Culture

On this week’s episode, Victoria gives you tips you can use to help ensure you have a fantastic company culture. And if you’re thinking, “why should I worry about that?” consider this: A great culture drives happy employees. Happy employees turn customers into raving fans. And raving fans, my friend, drive referrals. Something to ponder Have […]

Porch.com Partners with Remodelers Advantage

Porch.com and Remodelers Advantage Partner to help connect members to homeowners actively pursuing their next remodeling project August 1, 2014 – Today Porch.com (http://porch.com) and Remodelers Advantage (https://remodelersadvantage.com/) announce a partnership that will help connect millions of homeowners nationwide with Remodeler Advantage members. The partnership will help members quickly get started on Porch with a […]