Monthly Archives: April 2018

[Infographic] 7 Rules for Business Growth

A recent article I saw in the Money section of USA Today really hit on a few different aspects of growing your business.. but seemed to resonate with tips and advice I’ve heard at our Roundtables Meetings over the past several years. Here is an Infographic (PDF) to help break them down: Know what business […]

Ep.04: Running Effective Production Meetings with Teri McDermott

Production meetings can either be an effective way to build communication between departments and drive profit OR they can become a complete waste of time. You may have experienced the latter; once a week the team comes into the office, arriving late, sitting in the same spots, not interacting or contributing and the meeting leader […]

Create Raving Fans With Micro-Influencer Marketing

Large brands have used celebrity endorsements for decades… and the latest trend has turned more toward how these celebrities are now influencers when it comes to buying decisions. Kylie Jenner, for example, leverages her 25 million Twitter followers by charging ~$500k per tweet if she endorses a product. We certainly aren’t suggesting you reach out […]

Ep.03: Zero Punch List Production with Michael Barkhouse

Imagine buying a car from an auto dealer and as you pick up the car, the salesman hands you a role of blue tape, and asks you to look over the car and identify anything you want fixed before you drive it home… Sound familiar? We might be the only industry that sets this expectation […]

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