Monthly Archives: September 2016

What is Your Brand Personality? (with download)

Few Remodelers have made a conscious effort to identify and define their brand personality. But it’s a critical tool for guiding how your brand is portrayed in the marketplace. Your brand personality influences everything from your letterhead to who you hire. If you’re not familiar with the term, brand personality is a set of human […]

Which Sales Strategy Camp Do You Fall Into?

Remodeling and home improvement companies generally fall into two camps when it comes to interacting with prospects on the phone. Camp One: Virtually every call from a homeowner results in the company sending a salesperson out to their home. This is called Under-Qualifying, or UQ. Camp Two: When a homeowner calls, the inside salesperson asks […]

Getting over a Cash-Flow Hump: Which is better – a Loan or a Line?

Unless your business has piles of cash available there will—at some point—probably be a need for a short-term or long-term cash infusion to get through. Before approaching a lender for either a loan or a line of credit, first and foremost, your company house must be in order. To successfully approach any financial institution for […]