Monthly Archives: December 2014

3 Keys to Converting Website Leads to Sales

So more and more of your leads are coming from the web, right? But here’s the question … Are you happy with how many are converting to solid, set appointments and sales? If not, you’re not alone as many remodelers are experiencing lackluster ‘conversion rates’ with web shoppers. Well, listen up as we’re about to […]

The Remodeler’s Year End Checklist

It’s that time of year again! Pulling together everything and anything, and getting ready for End of Year! W2’s; Material Invoices; Payroll Liabilities; Vendor Statements; Reports, reports, reports – Where does it all end? When I was doing the bookkeeping, I found it very helpful to have checklists to follow, to make sure I wasn’t […]

[Video] 5 Contract Tweaks That Will Improve Your Cash Flow

Cash flow can be friend or foe. I’ve seen remodelers totally stressed out by lack of cash. When cash is limited, your focus becomes robbing Peter to pay Paul instead of running an effective business. But I’m here to tell you that I’ve seen remodelers make striking comebacks by simply tweaking their contracts. In this week’s […]

Sell My Business? Are You Kidding?

When I started our company back in the day (likely before some of you were born!) I was focused on survival. The first several years of running any new business are filled with lots of uncertainty. Where is the work going to come from? How are we going to deal with the ups and downs […]

6 Tips to Sales Success

How well are you doing at sales? Are you closing 50 percent of the leads you sit down with? 30 percent? Ten? Well, if you feel you’re not closing as many as you should be, then this episode of PowerTips TV is for you. Watch this weeks short, four minute episode (not including the outtakes) for […]