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Prospecting for Quality Leads: Jobsites Present Huge Opportunity

Many remodelers miss the chance to market to a wonderful audience: the people who own the homes surrounding their current jobs. Because they’re likely to have a similar buying profile to your current customer, and live in the same age home, they’re excellent prospects. A well thought-out program will establish your company name in the […]

PROOF OF CONCEPT – the success of strategy is seen in the numbers!

Over 27 years of working with remodelers around the country I’ve encountered nearly every problem to confront a remodeling company: the dissolution of long-term partnerships, ineffective marketing, sales systems which don’t produce results, unmotivated production crews, theft from overhead coffers, bankruptcy, and terrible accidents on the job.

Time Kills Deals

Don’t take my word for it. Ask any salesperson, entrepreneur, negotiator, or deal maker. The experienced ones tell me the same thing. Or just run a quick search on the title of this post and see what comes up. I used to think it was the primary responsibility of salespeople to increase their closing ratio. […]