Monthly Archives: September 2012

Network Your Way to More Jobs

Times for most remodelers are hard. There are fewer buyers and less urgent buyers. Job sizes are smaller. But you can’t even begin to sell until you have a lead. And leads are fewer and less qualified. Many of the marketing techniques that traditionally have worked are not working now.  So what is? Interestingly, it’s […]

Who’s Talking About You?

Novelist Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” I’m here at a meeting of our Roundtables™ groups and am surrounded by remodeling company owners from across the United States and Canada. We’re here to share ideas, expertise and experiences with one another with the goal […]

Reducing Your Need to Hire by Increasing Efficiency!

Business owners might sometimes feel they need to hire more workers to meet the steady flow of work that is coming in and because they do not want to lose projects, they look to take on more employees. However, you can meet the demands by following some simple guidelines about how to increase efficiency and […]

Want Your Superstars to Stay? Read On!

I was reading a very interesting story in The Washington Post the other day. It was written by an experienced, highly-ranked teacher who had recently left one school for another. Here’s what she said, “When I was rated “highly effective,” I received a one-time bonus of $15,000. While the extra money was welcome, there were […]