Monthly Archives: August 2012

Stop Profit Leaks Now with Effective Production Meetings

Obviously, your company’s success in producing the job has a huge impact on the entire company. Yes, the jobs have to be sold, designed, estimated – but if they aren’t produced on time and on budget with a delighted client, all of your previous efforts are for naught. During my 20-plus years in this business, […]

Kitchen & Bath Market Opportunity For Remodeling Contractors

We often receive quality tips from our sponsors that we like to share with you. This week’s tip, on custom versus “manufactured” cabinets, comes from Kevin O’Neill of Wellborn Cabinet Inc. With home values still depressed across the country and historical   appreciation levels projected to be years away, many consumers are  starting to turn to […]

Developing Your Superstar Team

  Do you automatically turn to the classified ads when you have a new job opening? Unfortunately everyone else in town is doing the same.  Most applicants reached through the classified ads are currently unemployed or already have an agreement to leave their firms at a specified time. Thus the classified ad pool of workers […]

Keep the Pedal to the Metal

Continuing mixed reviews in the marketplace give even more importance to keeping your sales pipeline filled with prospective clients at all stages. Keep a constant eye on the new opportunities coming your way and do your best to maintain a constant or rising level of new prospects, projects in design, and projects in construction. I’m […]