Monthly Archives: June 2012

Selecting Your Kitchen & Bath Manufacturing Partner

We often receive quality tips from our sponsors that we like to share with you. This week’s tip, on custom versus “manufactured” cabinets, comes from Kevin O’Neill of Wellborn Cabinet Inc. Even in recent years where information is so abundant given the evolution of electronic media has infiltrated every part of our lives, it still […]

How To Increase Your Referral Leads?

We work with some pretty smart remodelers so when we hear a great idea, we want to share it with you. Here’s one made up of three key points to help you increase the number of referral leads (aka. Solid Gold!) that you receive: Key Point #1: Timing Washington, DC, remodeler Jerry Liu, doesn’t just hope the […]

Does Your Company Have the Bench Strength You Need?

Bench Strength — Definition: The competence and number of employees ready to fill vacant leadership and other positions. Do you have employees in the wings to take on more leadership if the business needs it? This need could develop because the company has grown and needs additional skilled managers . . . or because an […]

Low Cost, Hard Hitting Marketing Strategies: The First Step is Planning

All too often, business owners want to start their marketing programs quickly, skipping over the planning phase. They send messages out into the world before they’ve developed the goals for their programs. But just as pre-planning a remodeling project insures its successful completion, developing your business and marketing goals is critical for creating the right […]