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Prequalifying Prospects: Turning Time Into Money

Time means money. Remodelers wear many hats in order to run a successful business, so effective time management is crucial.  One of the most common ways that remodelers find themselves wasting time is attending no-hope appointments with totally unqualified prospects.  These appointments add hours to already long work weeks, take your resources away from more […]

How To Grow Your Own Great Clients

Today, Director of Business Development, Ted Dubin, shares information on a business practice that can immediately and directly affect your bottom line. What Can You Do to Encourage Clients to Be “Good Clients”? One sure-fire technique is implementing a strong outbound customer-service program.  Set the tone in the very first sales call:  Your company is […]

Define Your Customer Experience Strategy

Do you know what your differentiating factor is when it comes to customer loyalty? What is the deciding factor that makes them buy from you time and time again? Having good salespeople, outstanding discounts, and unforgettable advertising are nice but what draws customers in? The overall experience is what keeps customers loyal and continuing to […]

How to Build a Company to Run Without You!

At a recent Roundtables™ meeting, several remodeling company owners were drilling deep into the workings of a production department of a fellow member. Their goal was to develop an improvement action plan for this company that would allow them to grow revenue, grow profits, and reduce the chaos and stress in the office. These business […]

Polished Sales Appointments Sell More Jobs and Save Time

“It’s useless to be a good craftsperson . . . unless you can also sell what you create.  Your customers cannot be expected to recognize a good idea unless it is presented to them by a good salesperson.”

This is a paraphrased quote from David Ogilvy, one of America’s advertising legends. You can develop the very best solution to an exceptionally complex problem, but if you can’t present that idea in a way that will convince your prospects, all of your work has been wasted.

How Much Is Your Remodeling Business Worth?

Want to Sell Your Remodeling Business Someday? Read This First. “Sometimes the hardest part of running a business is selling it.” WALL STREET JOURNAL Remodelers frequently begin to think about the value of their remodeling company when they consider retirement and want the money a sale would generate to help fund their retirement lifestyle. In […]