Monthly Archives: January 2012

Employment Myths Busted

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of what we used to know even two years ago isn’t necessarily true in today’s changed business climate. How many outdated ideas do you have about the employment world? Read each statement in bold to decide if you think it’s true or false before reading the answer below: Employees […]

The Commitments

Paul Winans, Remodelers Advantage Business Coach, shares his thoughts on reflection and moving into the new year with the right mindset. The New Year has come, once again, and with it a sense of renewal and rebirth.  Boy, if there was ever a year where that is needed, this is it! We attended a solstice […]

Resolutions for Better Business Results

Since January is the year for resolutions, I want to get on my soapbox to encourage you to make some important resolutions for your business. Pledge to take these actions and you’ll see productivity, efficiency, and team morale all improve. And when these essential parts of your company improve, profits will follow. Resolution 1. Create […]