Monthly Archives: September 2010

Pass the Baton and Delight Your Clients While You’re At It!

[divider style=”hr-dotted”] Being the savvy business people that we are, we all know that our money is made in the planning stage of a remodeling project, not in the production. By this I mean, that the more organized and complete our planning process, the more quickly we complete high quality projects for delighted clients–and the […]

Don’t Ask: Recommend!

The last blog post I created focused on the need to become a great salesperson if you are really interested in maintaining a successful business. Boy, the hits to the web site were off the charts! So obviously we hit a nerve with that discussion. So, I decided to give you more information on sales […]

Becoming a Great Salesperson: Tools for Staying on Top

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve heard from six different remodelers who are very concerned because clients are accepting proposals that are priced significantly lower than their own. It can be devastating to one’s morale to have worked for weeks on a detailed remodeling project proposal only to be told that they’re giving the project […]