Monthly Archives: July 2010

Recycling Helps Sell Prospective Clients!

Today I drove by a remodeling site and saw a dumpster that was chocked full. Much of the debris that threatened to tumble over the sides was cardboard! Boxes and boxes made of cardboard–all recyclable. Because both in our home and office, we are avid recyclers, this made me ill. And it hit me clearly […]

Industry Expert Judith Miller Says “Look Ahead!”

Judith Miller is one of our company’s most popular business consultants so I often pick her brain for thoughts and ideas on what our members should be doing today to insure success tomorrow. Today, we focused on the habit of using something called the Look-Ahead. “A Look-Ahead is a process that helps train your team, […]

Author Bo Burlingham Says, We Can All Have “The Knack”

Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, and our keynote presenter at the Summit, is the perfect fit for our audience of motivated business owners. For years, he’s been working with small business owners of all kinds to help them become successful. Recently, he teamed up with […]

Post Recession Strategies by Linda Case

As I listen to the drumbeat of economic news and predictions, I’m beginning to hear a refrain – that if we think (and plan) as though our buyers are going to return to unrestrained spending when this recession is over, we may be planning on quicksand. For any of us who knew folks who had […]

Getting Your Staff to Think and Act Like Owners by Linda Case

I am fired-up! I’ve been to Ann Arbor, MI and it’s a neat college town. But the reason I’m fired up is visiting and learning from a fired-up company that’s based there. Called “the coolest small company in America” by Inc. magazine, Zingerman’s Community of Businesses opened up their operations to 90 of our clients […]

Planning in Uncertain Economic Times by Linda Case

In September of 1930, at the start of the Great Depression, business people and politicians gathered in Cape Charles, Va. to perform a mock burial. Caskets containing “Old Man Business Depression,” his wife “Mrs. Pessimism” and his daughter “Miss Misfortune” were unceremoniously dumped in a watery grave in the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately, while temporarily lifting […]

Stay In Touch Marketing

Believe it or not, there are still business owners out there who do not have a consistent way to reach out to their previous clients and others who can refer business to the company. I recommend that you reach out to this valuable group at least once a month with something — a call, a […]

Six Great Web Site Tips

Thompson Remodeling, Inc., has a strong presence in its Grand Rapids, Mich., market— and beyond. The company’s reach and image are augmented by a top-notch Web site ( With its scrolling photos, prominent company logo and contact information, and regular updates about the firm’s doings, the eye-pleasing site is informative and never static. Company president […]